Monday, 25 November 2013

‘Police at the gate, sénora,’ Félipé interrupted them and hurriedly cleared the trays, replacing them with a fresh silver tray of bottled water and glasses. ‘I put Max and Molly in the stables.’
Jeremy got up and hurried out to the front door. A marked police car was being slowly and deliberately driven down the driveway from which DCI Edwards and WPC Hansen emerged, intermittent radio messages scratching the air over the tetra radio communications units attached to their belts. DCI Edwards was in a grey suit with a strained buttoned jacket he was clearly growing too paunchy for. WPC Hansen joined him by his side in her uniform of black trousers and white short-sleeved shirt under the black Kevlar vest with the blue “police” sign on it, accessorized to impressive effect by a baton, radio units, handcuffs, and a gun.
Jeremy greeted them at the door and led them to the living room where he had left Caitlin with Harry for some last minute advice.
‘Is this okay, Inspector?’ Caitlin asked after the introductions, gesturing to the two arm chairs they had set to the left of the couch she was seated on and at a right angle to it. ‘If not, we could use the board room.’
‘This is fine, Mrs. Connor.’ Edwards seated himself on the chair closer to Caitlin’s couch.
Hansen took the other chair and set her files on the side table that Félipé brought over. She poured two glasses of water for her boss and herself.
Jeremy walked unobtrusively to the wide bay window with a cushioned bench built into the wall below the ledge. Perched on the ledge with one foot on the bench he could see Caitlin over the shoulders of the officers seated with their backs to him.
‘Mrs. Connor, we need to ask you some questions in relation to the murder investigation of Michelle Williams. As you know your husband is also being questioned in connection with her death. I’m sure your solicitors have advised you of your rights.’ He paused briefly.
‘Yes.’ Caitlin nodded and shifted uncomfortably in her seat.
‘To be clear, you do not have to answer any of the questions. What you do say may be given in evidence. . .’

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